Machine Learning Strategy


Reimagine your business, process, or website as a constantly learning system.


Discover the technology, relationships, and concepts to unlock the power of machine learning.


Devise specific program actions and technology integrations to implement a machine learning system.


Ensuring that every node and integration contributes to a digital nervous system.

Transform your business into a digital learning system.

Zwerb is a software and design strategy company with an emphasis on machine learning, data platforms, and IoT.

Data Science Hierarchy of Needs

Data Science Hierarchy of Needs

AI/ML Inference Pipeline

AI/ML Inference Pipeline

AI/ML Training Pipeline

AI/ML Training Pipeline

Zwerb Core Service

Independently Owned

Zwerb is an independently owned company with an emphasis on best-of-breed technology strategy.


We have an extensive and growing network and research capability, with a daily refresh rate.

Strategy and Implementation

We offer both strategy and implementation support.  Including design, program, and project management.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a design concept and a software practice that turns the physical world into a learning system.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a digital network of sensors and processors that represent a biological nervous system.

Data Platforms

All machine learning initiatives start with an idea for a desired output.  Enterprise ML systems use powerful data systems.

Machine Learning integration is one discussion away.

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